Let us introduce ABSA...

ABSA is the exciting new brand of the integrated sports development for Abbots Bromley, located on the Lichfield Road near to Mill Green. In the initial stages the association is linked with the Cricket Club, the Football Club and the Junior Football Club to provide all their amenities over the next four to five years. Beyond that, the association, which will be set up as a charity, will seek to provide further sports facilities for the village as and when it is able to do so, and as the need arises.

This is a significant development for the village, and in terms of sports and leisure activities, well overdue for a village of this size and aspiration. Clearly, it is a vision for the future, and one which looks to provide an excellent base for sports for all, for generations to come.

This is a big challenge for the village, but one which we truly hope that everyone will participate in, will encourage, will be enthusiastic about and actively support. This website has been developed to raise awareness of this project, as well as to update and include the local community.

Over the next weeks, months and indeed years we will be running events, seeking sponsorship, donations and most importantly, help and participation. We hope you will visit the site regularly to see our upcoming events, and get involved to ensure their success. Please view our contact page should you have any further queries.

Bringing local teams together


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