Abbots Bromley Sports Association Ltd

Company Number: 8756510

Registered Charity Number: 1165021

We are a Registered Charity responsible for the development of an integrated sporting facility in Abbots Bromley. The committee is composed of skilled members of the local community who are linked with local sports clubs. ABSA was formed in reponse to the news that the landowner on which threelocal sports teams play had decided to develop the site. The teams would be without grounds and would cease to exist. The development is vital to ensure current and future genrations can participate in sports, and will allow for the introduction of new sporting activities in the area.

To date we have secured a 100 year renewable lease on a piece of land on Lichfield Road with consent and full planning permission to build a sportsground. We raised over £300,000 to complete Phase 1 of the project which saw all the necessary groundworks completed and the preperation of an ECB cricket pitch. We achieved this thanks to the generous donations we recieved from the community, grants from SE, ESBC as well as the fundraising efforts of the committee.  We also secured two portable cabins which will be converted into temporary changing facilities.

We have the support of Abbots Bromley Parish Council, Staffordshire County Council, Sport England, The Bernard Sunley Foundation, The English Cricket Board, The Football Foundation, Staffordshire Cricket and Staffordshire Football. 

We now focus our efforts to completing phase 2 which will enable the site to be used for the 2020 season deadline. We have secured the funding required for this phase which will see the preperation of two football pitches, conversion of the portacabins and the laying of access roads and car parking. Thanks to the ESBC, The Bernard Sunley Foundation, The Football Foundation, Fundraising efforts and donations the project will begin this spring, just in the nick of time!

However, costs always arise and we must still fund the development of the pavilion/community centre. The committee work daily to drive this project forward, liasing with  developers and planners, sourcing funding as well as fundraising.  We welcome any support we can receive.

Over time we expect to introduce many other sporting and leisure activities so sport is accessible and appealing to more people within the commuity, we hope to see table tennis, hockey, running or cycle clubs. Our ambition and vision has few boundaries. If you might like to support the introduction of new facilties or activities then please get in touch!

If you can help us in any way, please do contact us today!

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