Abbots Bromley Sports Association Ltd. Company Number: 8756510

Registered Charity Number: 1165021



The Association is a Registered Charity responsible for the development and the implementation of an integrated sporting facility, initially for the existing cricket club, senior football club and junior football club, alongside a state of the art pavilion and community centre for the residents of Abbots Bromley and the surrounding communities.


The village has a great sporting heritage and a strong sense of community, however it has suffered with not having any long term sustainable sports ground for the future generations of Abbots Bromley and the surrounding area. The Association intends to resolve this anomaly. It has acquired a new ground, secured planning and put in place governance to enable fund raising and future management of the enterprise. But there is a long, long way to go, for which we need your help and support.


Over time we expect to attract and develop many other sporting and leisure activities to the Association, whether it is tennis, table tennis, netball, hockey, running or cycle clubs. Our ambition and vision has few boundaries.


The Association is about to become a registered charity and has the full backing of Abbots Bromley Parish Council, the Staffordshire County Council, the support both philosophically and monetarily from Sport England and talks are continuing with the ECB, the Football Foundation, Staffordshire Cricket and Staffordshire Football. It seems that we are high on the agenda of several funding bodies who unfortunately at the moment have insufficient funds to go around.


The financial challenge that we face to bring this vision to materiality is considerable and stands at £400,000. Match funding requires the Association to raise in excess of £100,000 to complete the project. Through the fundraising efforts of ABSA and affiliated clubs and hopeful donations we will work tirelessley to generate the funds we need to keep the momentum of project work going.


If you can help us in any way, please do contact us today!









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