The Vision

The Vision

The   new sports ground as it is envisaged will be a total community facility for all ages, male and female no matter what their chosen sport is and no matter what standard of play they wish to achieve. Everyone will be made welcome !!


At this stage junior and senior football clubs have been catered for and junior and senior cricket similarly but this is by no means the limit to the aspirations we have. For instance, a suggestion has been made that the Pavilion could be used as a centre for Table Tennis,  this is being taken seriously and the incorporation of this is being taken into future plans. Netball and Tennis is another priority and we will work towards it’s provision in the future.

We see the sports field and pavilion being used by all members of the family and being an additional focal point for our vibrant village.

A further intention is to make the site as “ green" as possible and as cheap to run as possible by not only incorporating ground force heat pumps and photo voltaic cells to produce the energy that we need, but also by re-circulating water through holding ponds for irrigation purposes on playing surfaces.

The same ponds will be designed to support wildlife, bat boxes will be incorporated in the pavilion roof, owl boxes will be added where we can and trees planted in available locations. Footpaths already run along the southern and western boundaries, these will be looked after and interest created along their route so that the nature conservation theme can be appreciated. It has been suggested that the sports ground ( only by a few ) will be a blot on the landscape, we hope to prove that nothing could have been further from the Truth.


       A little look at the big plans....

We really would appreciate any feedback you may have.

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